Sunday, 12 March 2017

Grey main swimming sports 2016

This year a Grey main swimming sports I entered in 3 events. my first event was 1 length free style. I got 4th out of 8 I felt pretty good about my score I was up against some really good swimmers the next event took awhile to start but  it eventually started.

 It was dog paddle 1 length I felt nervous at first because I was up against a few of the same people but I ended up in first place in this event!. I felt awesome that was the second event that i had got first in ever it was an amazing feeling.

 My final event was starfish float witch is holding your breath under water for as long as you can i was quite confident for this event because I am really good at holding my breath for a long period of time. I got second in this event and I was quite proud of myself and I felt good with my results and was happy with how I did overall.