Friday, 8 July 2016

week 10 reflection

this week we have team time and yay it is the last day of the term the assembly was huge

also there is a basketball game on 

we are going to clean up the class and then some of us will have team time.

week 8 reflection

this week was Prep mini market we didint sell out but i think we did pretty good
prep-logo-rgb-notag-oxfam-america-1109083.png (2440×836)
also we have been doing a lot of math work on math buddy
like perimeter of shapes and tonnes and mass

week 7 reflection

this week at technology i have finished my clock and now i am making a wooden spoon i have already just about to finish .

for art this week we are making money for prep i think that my note looks good
yay nearly end of term.

week 6 reflection

this week we have been working on a bit of topic we have been learning mandarin
event.jpg (1000×612)
at technology witch i do every Wednesday I have been making and working on my clock it is starting to look good.

week 5 reflection

This week we have been working on subtraction of different decimals

For art we have been doing collage art of pictures from camp.

9f4507f05ceb4bef58880549faf9ca94.jpg (236×235)
I did a rabbit.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

week 4 reflection

this week we did a lot of things we started by doing our basic facts and then moved on to group work we have been planing cool activities for maths

Can find perimeters of squares and rectangles.
Draw a mall and find the area and perimeter of it. Every 1 cm is 5 m
A life

Can sort 2D and 3D shapes and name them
Make our own nets. Print 2D and 3D shapes. Name them.

Can find edges, corner and faces of 3d shapes
Find objects irl and measure the edges corners and faces
Chromebook paper pencil and real life objects of our choosing

poem anthology

poem anthology

Friday, 1 July 2016

Week 9 reflection

This week I did a lot of prep work we had loads of fun
it was hard but I managed to get all of my prep work done
I am most proud of being able to make our prep product so quickly.

prep-logo-rgb-notag-oxfam-america-1109083.png (2440×836)
We also had some speeches
 have found them really fascinating my one is next week Monday.
5min-speech1.jpg (510×253)

We have also been learning mandarin.
facts-about-mandarin-chinese2-002.jpg (475×200)
At technology  have made a clock.
clock-1135685_960_720.png (712×720)