Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mt Kahikatea

Climbing higher and higher trying to reach the top. Feeling the worst pain imaginable with every step wasps coming in  on all sides. Will I make it out? Think to myself. The mountain gets steeper and steeper. Finally I see the top . We reach the top of the mountain, I sit down to have lunch but now there's more wasps than before and they are attacking my sandwich. I put it away and will wait till I get back down, we go to the lookout and had a look at the view. After we had finished at the look out we went back down to the camp site on the way down my legs felt like jelly, it went quicker going down hill than it was going up. As soon as I got down I had a big drink of water. Then I finished my lunch from earlier. Then calmed down with a bit of fishing.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Random acts of kindness

1. when Matthew wanted to play a game and everyone else wanted to play a different game I played the game with Matthew that he wanted to play.

2.when Leon was colouring in I helped by encouraging him and helping him choose colours

 3.on camp I we were about to get off the boat but instead I stayed behind and help unload the boat.

4.sometimes I like to watch videos in my spear time but rowan comes into my room and wants to watch them to I get really annoyed by that but I et him watch any way as long as he is happy .

5.riley foster couldn't come on camp so he didn't get any funny money so he couldn't get any thing at the auction so I gave him my darth vader rubber.